The Asian Academy is known as the most distinguished and innovative Speech and Drama Examining Board in Sri Lanka. Speech remains our most vital and effective form of communication and Drama helps us to make sense of our existence by its investigation of every aspects of being.

The Asian Academy of performing  Arts is a Corporate Member of the Society of Teachers of Speech Drama (STSD), England Licentiate Teachers’ Diploma in Speech & Drama LASIAN is recognized for the Overseas Membership of STSD, England

Improve the status of individual by assisting them to increase their knowledge and make them more efficient
To provide a framework in which individuals talent can grow
To support the creative, Intellectual and Social development of the individual
To be the Market leader for the conduct and assessment of procedures in the field of Performing Arts
To provide value added products and services with highest standard according to the International Standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to our customers and fulfill their requirements and needs
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